Aloha Chicken Dinner

Savoury Chicken in a Hawaiian Marinade... accompanied by a warm potato salad and Roasted Hawaiian Vegetables


BBQ Beef Brisket Meal

BBQ Shaved Beef Brisket with Gluten Free BBQ Sauce, Served with Garlic Smashed Potatoes, Green Beans and Corn on the cob


BBQ Brisket

Smoked then over night slow cooked Beef Brisket, then topped with a BBQ sauce... this is the dish that essentially made me hire our new chef... its is fantastic!


Black Bean Beef

Thinly Shaved Beef in a traditional Black Bean Sauce


Black Bean Beef & Broccoli with Coconut Sticky Rice

Tender Beef Strips with Black Bean Sauce and Broccoli served on a bed of Coconut Sticky Rice


Coconut Rice

We have been asked about this recipe numerous times... Slow cooked Jasmine rice in Coconut Milk...
There, now you know ;)


Cod Dinner

Deliciously cooked Cod in a Tomato Basil Sauce with Mediterranean Quinoa and a Balsamic Asparagus and Cherry Tomato


Green Beans & Corn

Straight up.... Green Beans & Corn A Summer Favourite
We will keep the Butter off of this one to keep it Vegan
Doesn't mean you can't do that once you've heated it up!


Grilled Asparagus w Cherry Tomatoes and Balsamic Reduction

Straight up... a side of Grilled Asparagus, Cherry Tomato & Balsamic Reduction


Hawaiian Chicken

Best Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Recipe. Marinated in ginger, garlic, soy sauce, brown sugar, Pineapple Juice and Ketchup


Hawaiian Grilled Veg

Assorted Vegetables (Red Onion, Celery, Peppers) all grilled to perfection with some pineapple too


Herb Chicken Breast

Herbs, Chicken.... you get the idea


Lemon Grass Pork Patties

Super tasty Vietnamese style pork Patties... tossed in thai chili sauce


Mediterranean Cod

Roasted Cod in a Lemon Basil Tomato Sauce...(French Kiss)... or greek kiss?


Mediterranean Quinoa

Fluffy Quinoa with Zucchini, Tomato, Onion and Parsley.... Don't heat this up and have as a side salad


Pork Patty Dinner

2 delicious pork patties with Thai Chilli sauce with Sesame rice noodles and Bok Choi

Quick Pack Mains

We recommend this Package to those that are looking to take care of their dinner time meals for the week. With this Item you will receive 6 of our Main Dishes (typically one of each of our Mains on our weekly Menu)

Please note: You may be able to get 2 meals out of some of these bigger dishes....Maybe some leftovers for Lunch the next day? Or you could even share with someone?


Sesame Ginger Bok Choi

Steamed Bok Choi slightly roasted in Sesame oil and Ginger... nom, nom, nom


Sesame Rice Noodles

Medium Rice Noodles with Sesame Oil and Salt and Pepper...plain and simple


Smashed Roasties

First we steam the Baby Potato...
then we toss in Oil....
then we SMASH them on the roasted pan...
Garnish with a few Herbs...Then we Roast 'em....

And we are done... you're welcome


Steamed Broccoli

Funny story... when I am out of sorts, my go-to meal.... is a bowl of Steamed Broccoli (Yes, I sometimes add some butter and salt)
For some reason my mind is much clearer the next day because of it. Don't believe me? Try it yourself